An update on new adoptee Doodles’ first day: “Doodles is a little nervous, but he is starting to settle in. Sophie and Stewart, his new brother and sister, are starting to warm up to him. Had all three napping on my lap under a blanket in my recliner. He is a love bug, so sweet, and wants to just sit on your lap. He has really taken to my husband and slept on his tummy while we watched TV last night. Thank you for all your hard work rescuing such a little sweetheart. We are honored to be his forever home.” 

Hi Sandy, I am writing to give you an update on Haddie (formerly Pankcake). Haddie is just a delightful dog. She has brought my family and me so much joy. She has a very full and active life, spending a few days a week playing with her friends at doggy day care, going on long walks, and snuggling with her humans. Thank you for helping me find my best friend.  

Love, Chelsea & Haddie

I cannot thank you enough for bringing Charlie into my life. I know, like children, we always think our dogs are the best. But Charlie is the best. The joy and love he has brought to my life is unparalleled to any other animal I have loved. He is such a sweet, smart, thankful boy. He truly (besides my children) is the love of my life. Thank you for all you do not only for these animals but for the people who adopt them. I hope you know how much you have touched my life through Charlie. All my best , Sharon

Pierre's mom Jan sent us this recent update : “Pierre wanted me to send in this picture to possibly be in your calendar. He said to tell you that he loves his new family and that he's being a good, lovable, frisky doggy and that he brings so much love and happiness to his family. He wants to thank you for sending him to his new home and for saving him from the shelter.”

Petunia’s mom Amanda sent us this Thanksgiving message...”We're so thankful today for your organization and the contribution you've made to our family: our silly, sweet, gorgeous, and rare southern beauty Petunia!! The joy she brings all of us every day has no end - we absolutely love her!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and the very blessed dogs who have made their way to you. I hope you all have a happy holiday and much continued success in finding everyone their happy homes!!”

From Sparky’s mom Siobhan comes this message: “November marked one year since Sparky joined our family. He's an amazing little boy that had brought great joy to our lives. He loves to play, and in fact has been known to sleep with his ball. He loves to chase the cats and have the cats chase him too. He also enjoys playing with his big sister Willow. We are so thankful for Soft Landings bringing him into our life!!”