Can you provide a temporary northern foster home?

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We are also in need of assistance in raising the funds required to rescue each of our dogs, the so-called "pull fees" that must be paid to the shelter in order to remove a dog to foster care. Pledges can be made via our Facebook page to cover these costs our through our PayPal account.

As our little rescue continues to grow by leaps and bounds and we place more pups with families up north, on occasion an adoption does not work out as planned. Sometimes this is the result of a change in a family's living or financial situation, other times there is not a good fit with other pets in the home. Each of our adoptive families signs a contract agreeing to return their dog to Soft Landings if circumstances warrant. And while the percentage of unsuccessful placements is low, unfortunately it does occur and we need available fosters in the Connecticut area in the event that a dog needs to be re-homed. While we have a robust foster network in South Carolina, we never want to subject a dog to the stress of a return transport.

That's where you come in.  If you are able to provide a temporary home for a dog while we look for a new forever family, please contact us in Connecticut at 860-228-4561 or in South Carolina (Sandy) at 864-933-2272. Or email us at  Please spread the word and help us continue to be sure that all our pups are healthy, happy, and loved!

Donations are gratefully accepted and all funds go toward the rescue and on-going care of our dogs while they are being fostered. Your donations cover the cost of shelter rescue fees, vet services -- including spaying/neutering, medications, and heartworm treatment -- flea/tick prevention, heartworm preventative, food, bedding, and other supplies. 

Donations may be made through PayPal to our account: 

If you prefer, you may make a donation directly to one of our vets or a feed store that we use. You can also make a donation to the shelter in South Carolina to pay the rescue fee for a specific dog.​​​​ Contact us at via email at or call 864-933-2272 to arrange for a direct donation.

In addition to donations, there are so many ways to help us continue our work rescuing and re-homing deserving dogs. We welcome community participation from schools and civic organizations and will happily accept donations of supplies (bedding, toys, food, treats, etc.) for our foster dogs.

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