PIPPI is looking longingly for a new home – who could resist that face? This sweet, loving boy is about 2 yrs old and 12 lbs. Pippi loves to give kisses and cuddles, and is hoping to find someone who wants to kiss and snuggle him too!

POGO is a handsome little boy who is 3-4 years old and weighs 12 lbs. He loves to run and play and is good with other dogs and children. Pogo is ready to go when his forever family finally finds him!

These little boys and girls may be small in stature, but they have huge loving hearts and are just waiting for a chance to share all that love with families of their own!

SOPHIE is a tiny little girl who is about 6 years old and weighs 10 lbs. Sophie just wants to be held and loved, and is happiest when she is snuggling and burrowing in her blanket. Now all she needs is a home to be even happier!​​

The Chihuahua Mixes!

RUFUS is a very sweet 6 year old weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs. Rufus has a pet rock that you can see in his photo. Rufus likes to play in the dog yard with his rock and snuggle on the couch. He and his rock would so much love to find their forever home together soon!

In the Soft Landings Road to Rescue spotlight are 

Little SANDY (our founder’s namesake) just wants to be loved. Sandy weighs 10 lbs and is about 5 years old. She is happy strolling around the yard and sitting in the sun, but her life would be complete with a forever family.

MITZI is a gentle, quiet 2 year old who is happy to snuggle, play in the yard, and go for car rides. Mitzi is good with other dogs, children, and adults. Won’t you find a place in your home for Mitzi? She doesn’t take up very much room!

Adorable TINY (whose ears are anything but!) is 1-2 years old and weighs about 12 lbs. This sweet girl is good with other dogs and children, and loves to be cuddled. Tiny is looking for a family to call her own for the holidays!

OUR special featured friends

LUNA is a happy, playful 3 year old who weighs about 15 lbs. Luna gets along great with other dogs, children and adults. Luna loves to sit on the couch and snuggle with her humans – a perfect little companion for some lucky new family!

Meet Soft Landings’ Adorable "Chi Squad"!