These boys and girls are different sizes, different colors and different breeds, but they all have huge loving hearts and are just waiting for a chance to share all that love with families of their own!

Meet Soft Landings’ Amazing future pets! 

these Doggie All-Stars

ZANNY is an adorable senior girl. She is about 9 yrs old and a 12 lb. chi mix.  She is a total lady...polite and gentle.  She is quiet and loving and especially loves to snuggle in her blanket and sit and cuddle with you. Zanny loves to stroll the yard and sit in the sunshine.  She would be the perfect fit for someone who would love a calm, sweet senior with lots of love to give.

SCOOTER and FUDGE are a bonded pair and have been together through thick and thin. They are very sweet boys and are both calm, gentle and very loving.  Scooter is an 8 yr old yorkie mix, about 18 lbs. Fudge is about 10 yrs old and a 22 lb shih mix.  They love to stroll the yard, go for walks together and sit in the sunshine and snooze with you on the couch.  They would love a home where they can spend the rest of their lives together.

BILL is an awesome boy, very sweet, gentle, loving and playful.  He is 3 yrs old, about 40 lbs and is a retriever mix.  He loves to run and play but can also be calm and gentle. He loves to sit by your side and is good with other dogs and children.  Bill would be a great family dog.

BRUNO is a happy, playful boy. He is about 3 yrs old and a 14 lb. chi mix.  He loves to run and play and loves to sit and give kisses.  Early in life, Bruno had an accident and one of his front feet is deformed, but he is in no pain and to him he does not have a disability, he is just unique. His foot does not stop him from running and playing.  Bruno is good with other dogs and children and would love to bring happiness to a loving family

OUR special featured friends

ISABELLE is a total lady, gentle, polite and quiet. She is an 18 lb rat terrier mix, and is about 8 yrs old.  Isabelle loves to stroll the yard and sit by your side.  She loves other dogs and children and is happy to sit for belly rubs.

ASHLEY is an adorable, sweet, gentle girl. She is about 4 yrs old and is about 40 lbs. and a bulldog/boxer mix.  She is happy to stroll the yard and loves to sit by your side and give you kisses. When her name is called she will tip her head and look at you in the cutest way.  She loves other dogs and children.

DALLAS is a great boy, very playful and loving.  He is a mix, although specific breeds are unknown.  He is 3 yrs old and about 50 lbs.  Dallas loves to run and play in the yard; he is happy to play fetch and would be great to learn how to play frisbee as he loves to jump to catch.  Dallas is good with other dogs and children. and would be a great dog for an active family.

​​In the Soft Landings Road to Rescue spotlight are 

LADY is an adorable loving girl. She loves to roll over for belly rubs. She is a beagle mix and about 4 yrs old and 25 lbs.  She is a total lady and very polite and gentle.  She enjoys strolling around the yard and resting by your side.  She loves other dogs and children.